Wooden Snowflakes / Custom Woodworking

To keep our creative juices flowing at maximum, our staff at Heron Creative is involved in numerous creative endeavors in addition to website design and marketing. We are active in woodworking, artistry in polymer clay, photography and other creative pursuits.

Wooden Snowflakes
This winter, our woodworking projects include Wooden Snowflakes.

These intricate wooden snowflakes are handcrafted in Missouri by the artisans at Heron Creative using hardwoods including Walnut, Maple, Red Oak, Poplar and Ash.

Each snowflake is made from multiple pieces of wood that are individually shaped and then joined to create each snowflake design. The designs are one of a kind, with no templates used, so each batch is unique in size and pattern. Each snowflake is sanded, cleaned and then finished for years of enjoyment.

They can be used as tree ornaments, hung in windows, used as gift toppers, hung on a wreath, as well as other seasonal decoration ideas.

We've created over a dozen designs so far...here are some of them below.

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