Social Media and Web Marketing

If you need to market your site, product and/or services beyond what is visble on your web page, we can help.

Email Marketing
We can help integrate email marketing into your website, including integrating email lists that you build through various means - website sign-ups, in-store promotions, etc). We can help you build the email to be sent, including its design and how to make it ready for emailing.

Social Media
We can help you establish and/or manage your social media efforts, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other avenues of social media. We can help you understand these sites and how they can be used in your business. We can train your staff on how to utilize them properly or we can help with the management process on an ongoing basis.

Text Alerts
We can help you integrate a text-message system into your website, allowing you to send offers, specials and custom information to your clients that sign-up for your text-based marketing.